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Full Version: PPC Engines
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What PPC Engines do you know about?

Let us start a list:

Google Adwords
Yahoo! Oveture
MSN Adcenter

What other ones are out there?


more here:
What are alternatives to Google AdSense?
Major PPC search engines are Googly adware and overture.2 nd tier PPC players are looksmart, enhance, epilot, search123 etc.
Ah lots of good ones. Some I forgot about and some I had not heard of before. I added them to the original post.
Do you guys think pop-ups are a good way to earn money? In my opinion it scares away guests and doesn't even pay that well...
Casale Media
Obeus (smthing like that.)

Yes I agree with you. Visitors dont like a website having popups. Clicksor pays just $0.001 per popup. So I nevr use them & would advise everyone to stop using them
I know about google adword, overture, bidvertiser, adbrite.
And little about clicksor.
But I only used adword and bidvertiser.
Googly,Yahoo,Msn,Femina, Highway61, JumpCrawler, and Isleuth are some well known PPC engine.
Wow, this has been quite helpful. I would advise against pop ups it upsets people not just scares them away. I get so upset sometimes I just get off the internet and go back on when I am calmed down. I advise against popups it clogs peoples computers and they don't like it. Be good advertisers...Smile
Instead of popup, you can try with CPM banner ads.
Its annoying people. Nowadays many people use popup blocker & even the ads can't be seen.
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