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Full Version: How to cancel GoDaddy renewing services
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So do you want to cancel godaddy renewing service? For instance:

Domain Alert
Domain Backorders
Expireing domain lists

This happened to me, and it's not really obvious on the site how to go about it. After being automatically billed for expiring domain lists 3 hours ago, and not wanting to pay for another subscription term, I asked for a refund. They refused, but told me how to cancel the service:

Quote:Once logged in, follow the steps below to cancel:

. Select 'Payments and Renewing Items' from the 'Customer Info & More' menu.
. Check the box next to the item(s) you would like to cancel and click on the 'Cancel Item' button.
. Select 'Cancel Now' in the menu that appears to the right.
. Click on 'Save Changes'.

I suggest selecting 'Cancel on Expiration' so that you can at least retain what you paid for.

Hope this helps

I don't understand why some companies make it so darn hard to cancel. Do they think people will just give up and keep the service?
Yes, they do. Some people get frustrated so easily, they would rather hang on to it a little longer and deal with it later. People are lazy.
That is the sort of tactic that makes me so mad. This makes their practices seem shady if you have to hunt for them. While they may not be shady it comes across that way in hindsight. Glad you shared that information with the rest of us for the future.
Don't mean to bump an old thread but is there a new way to do this? If you know, please post.
Yes, I cancel all Godaddy autorenew service
good information for good member.

Customer orders item, 2 minutes later asked to cancel. I see no way to cancel the sale. Im already getting robbed by paypal for refunding, I do not want another 4 dollars taken from ecrater.