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Full Version: Your preferred Affiliate Program?
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When it comes to choosing an affiliate program there are a few to choose from and it's always best to choose one you know you can trust and will give you the best pay out. I myself have used Amazon in the past but no others and I was wondering what others choose and whom they feel is their most preferred? and are both big affiliate sales platforms.

My experience with affiliate marketing is a bit old now, so maybe things have changed.
Right now as much as I am still looking into different ones Amazon and Clickbank are two that have caught my eye. I have just taken a look at and that looks interesting so I am going to check that one out and see if that one may be worth using.
Hey guys, which affiliate program is the best now?
-> Clickbank.
-> Rakuten.
-> CJ Affiliate by Conversant.
-> Amazon Associates.
-> ShareaSale.
-> ebay.
-> Avangate.
-> Flexoffers
-> Avantlink.
-> RevenueWire.