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Full Version: T-Shirt Marketing and more.
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When it comes to marketing strategies there are so many ways in which you can help get the word out there about your website from word of mouth to emails, flyers, backlinks, advertising and such but there is also ways such as using t-shirts, mouse mats, pens, key rings and more. 

Have you ever or would you ever use t-shirts, keyrings, mouse mats or pens as a way to advertise your website or business? Have you ever taken this approach and if you have how did it work out for you?
I would never rule out using keyring or t-shirt marketing if I knew it was going to work. With anything like that you stand the chance of so many seeing it and that is extra exposure for you which always leads to curiosity and then traffic to your site. I as of yet have not tried any of these methods but its something I may look into at a later date even if it means just creating a t-shirt for myself and wearing it out in the warmer weather it's something.