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Full Version: Technical question
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How can I make the pictures on my blog "not clickable"? What is the code? I've been trying to find out but I haven't been able to locate a place with the explanation or the code that should be used and where it should be used. Anyone that can help, please? I would really appreciate it! Thanks.

here is a thread with some suggestions, I hope this helps you hon!
Thank you Gigi. I checked that out and it seems a lot more complicated than I thought! Anyway, I was looking for that because a guy went into my blog and commented that my images were "clickable" which was, according to him, NOT GOOD... so, after looking at all those codes and little things that I don't understand whatsoever, I decided that I don't really care if my images are clickable or not... should I really care? If so, why??
I particularly like the part of that thread link where someone said something like --Sorry we don't share code with those who don't share theirs.
There are javascript snippets that can make them not clickable. Although that won't prevent someone from finding the url of the images by looking at the sourcecode.
put the ahref code in the image and it will be clickable.