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Yahoo! domains - mrs.tinsley - 10-03-2007

When I registered my husbands domain it gave me an option of putting it up for sale. Has anyone used this feature? If so, how did it work/turn out?

Yahoo! domains - berlinlife06 - 10-04-2007

I have not done anything with Yahoo, but I heard that is not exactly easy to get out of it when you want. Apparently they are not exactly friendly when you try to sell something or move something out from there.

Yahoo! domains - mrs.tinsley - 10-04-2007

Weird, thanks for the advice. Can you tell me which host you prefer for selling your domains from?

Yahoo! domains - romnntic - 11-17-2011

In addition, Yahoo! Oh, but not the obligation, to terminate your service immediately and remove any material, Including domain name, Yahoo! Servers if Yahoo!, Oman discretion of the states that are engaged in illegal activities or sales that may damage the rights of Yahoo!