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Marketing on Facebook? - berlinlife06 - 05-03-2008

As far as I know, Facebook is more of a personal thing, a face to face, your real life out there. I wonder... can it be used then to market your own websites? I don't have a Facebook account because I think is too much personal info out there. What do you people think about this?

Marketing on Facebook? - Kitten - 05-03-2008

Yes, yes, yes, yes! If you want a personal one, fine, (which you don't, but for others reading) but create a separate one for your business or website. Build it with your business in mind and then use it to connect and network. You can also do advertising on Facebook, so that's something to check into as well.

Marketing on Facebook? - SageMother - 05-03-2008

Facebook is great if you remember to keep your business site from being swamped with people playing werewolf or vampire games. LOL!

Marketing on Facebook? - RFL1986 - 05-04-2008

It can be treated a lot like MySpace I think, especially now that it has essentially transformed into the same kind of social network anyway. If done correctly I think Facebook has great marketing possibilities.

Marketing on Facebook? - jazzgrrl - 05-04-2008

I agree and I have seen the trend start to happen over the last year. More and more artists and groups and businesses are using Facebook to get the word out about their product or service. It is different than My Space stylistically but the same. It is invitation marketing - once they let you in the door, you can send them anything you want!

Marketing on Facebook? - Taggart - 05-04-2008

This reminds me of hearing that someone was questioned during a job interview about things that would only have been familiar to people who'd seen her Facebook page.

So that's another aspect of Facebook that's probably worth keeping in mind - That in some cases it can be a very candid source of information about some people.

Marketing on Facebook? - Kitten - 05-04-2008

^ Yeah, people really need to be careful with what they put on their Facebooks. Remember that even those who you never think will see your FB, just might one day, so be careful.

Marketing on Facebook? - berlinlife06 - 05-05-2008

Well, you have given me more reasons to NOT get into Facebook. I am not into the social networks anyway, but the fact that other people that are into it might find stuff about you, gives me the creeps!

Marketing on Facebook? - SageMother - 05-06-2008

I opened a Facebook account for my Black Market Beauty site, and made a widget for my blog, Beauty Market Buzz, to place on the page. This way, I don't have to worry about updating my Facebook page by hand.

Can't wait to see what happens.

Marketing on Facebook? - RFL1986 - 05-06-2008

Having a widget for your blog or site is a good plan for sure. The way I see it is that a lot of marketing you do can be very natural on a network like Facebook -- it's sort of an acceleration of word-of-mouth advertising among your friends and family.