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Looking back at the floor price - qizhen0809 - 04-17-2018

plywood, MDF, chipboard,dog urine stain decking and finger-joint panels began to turn up again in response to the long-lost "ups" After the trend, the prices of wood-based panels surged and the price of a few species hit a record high. It can be said that the wood-based panel industry is facing a new round of economic to build deck on wood pads In the future, with the enhancement of residents' spending power, the transformation of consumer attitudes and the implementation of
natural forest protection projects, pergola composite vs wood vs vinylthe demand for wood-based panels in various industries such as decoration, furniture, packaging, shipbuilding, and automobiles will usher in a new growth peak.E0 is not in spring? After the official launch of the E0 national standard in 2008,lightweight dock decking many companies did not focus on this market; the darling of the industry; These companies attributed the reason why the E0 standard was not widely used to the
original E0 market puzzle in 2005. best sealer for wood porchThe concept of many large and small enterprises has caused E0's integrity in the minds of consumers to drastically reduce. Even many large companies do not Willing to break into this pot of water, it is not enough for E0.white oak flooring Experts in the industry pointed out that one year after the new national standard was formulated and implemented, the biggest reason for influencing the demand for E0 flooring lies in the fact