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Poker related domain name? - llegent - 07-04-2006

Hi everyone. to my knowledge, the "poker" related domain names are getting some serious attention from domain players paying. They are seeking the best opportunity to grab these domains if the price is right.

Now, what's about the true value in these type of domains? Is it due to the potential traffic from major SE for the keyword contained in these domains? or because these domains can be developed into website with related poker affiliate programs which pay high commision?

Poker related domain name? - zach - 07-04-2006

The value of poker domains is in the high ppc/affiliate commissions which the casinos pay. For instance, a single ad click on a poker site sometimes brings in $10. As for the affiliate programs, they generally revolve around 30% revenue sharing (70% goes to the casino), but with players often wagering hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, this is a nice bit of revenue.

Poker related domain name? - llegent - 07-04-2006 least now I understand as to why those big players are eyeing on these type of domains! Taking the example of John D from DueceAce, he was willing to let go one of his top performing directory site in order to spend more time and money in his poker related network. His directory site was more like "automated" and earned him a cool few hundreds every month without him having to do anything.

Now then I get it! This type of affiliate program could even earn you a continuous commision over the life span of the players under your referral!

Thanks Zach for your enlightenment!

Poker related domain name? - zach - 07-04-2006

yes, the poker networks involve a lot of money. Just log in to a casino and see how many real-money people are playing (and once they play, it means they have deposited). Casino's have a lot of money to spend, and they invest a lot in to their ads and affiliate networks.

But always remember who you are dealing with when you partner with a casino. Ethics are not always their top priority. A friend of mine (and member of this forum) recently refered a friend to a casino in exchange for a "no strings attached bonus", and never received the bonus (turns out that it was 'no strings attached', apart from some fine print saying that in order to get $25, the player had to wager in the thousands). If you choose an affiliate program that pays out "for a lifetime", youre payments are basically at there mercy. So my advice is to be careful or to just choose a safer non-gambling network.

Poker related domain name? - Grace - 07-10-2006

If you can't count on them for spending their money on you, then your time is wasted. It would seem a perfect way to make some money through these commisions.

Poker related domain name? - vicki2 - 07-11-2006

I recently had to review a big poker site for a blog, and for the first time, I actually read through all the fine print. Afterwards, it turned me off ever putting any money on that site at all was an Indian owned site affiliated with a casino in Canada, and the worst fine print finding was that if you won a large pot, you are only allowed to take money out of your account in small increments. Huh?

Poker related domain name? - Grace - 08-12-2006

I have never done any on-line gambling but it sounds like the information about winning is very interesting. I heard they had very large amounts of winnings but I didn't know that you couldn't get access to it.

Poker related domain name? - andreww38 - 08-13-2006

poker is one of the most search keywords on overture.
more so than blackjack or other games.

evaluate yr affiliate referrals carefully, if not you can consider one of the advertising networks too.

Poker related domain name? - deelip - 08-13-2006

I think all poker are gone.
I saw ready to be sold some days ago for 26000 us$

Poker related domain name? - Grace - 08-14-2006

I can't believe $26,000 for site. That's a definite winner of a site that is a non stop money maker so it sounds like it to me. Anything poker related is red hot.