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Fast dedicated server required - Glaceptra - 02-20-2019

I need Fast dedicated server with 1 TB of Hard Disk + 24 GB - RAM + 16 TB - bandwidth
I've browsed 2 web hosts and their servers: 1) ; 2)
Is it reliable web host? Any experiences dealing with them?
What are your suggestions for the list?

RE: Fast dedicated server required - MiracleMoff - 02-25-2019

You can trust web host! Their main goal is to provide the best technology available with exceptional customer support.
They've hosted my high traffic project for my business for about a year now and the responsiveness through their customer service is reason enough to stay with them.

RE: Fast dedicated server required - MatterEnergy - 03-01-2019

I love ssd hosting provider!! Honestly, I haven't noticed any downtime, that I remember.
Any time I have had any questions, or needed support, their support team has been excellent at providing prompt and courteous answers.

RE: Fast dedicated server required - Lougalvi - 03-07-2019 is an excellent host. I work as a professional web developer and have found them to be a web host far above all others.
Every time I compared the speed of loading the pages it was much faster tha the others. Their custom control panel is easy to learn.

RE: Fast dedicated server required - Bileator - 03-14-2019

Other web hosts could learn a bit from provider on pricing, technology and excellent customer service.
As far as the uptime, it is very good. I have monitoring software for keeping uptime statistics and so far the uptime is unparralled.