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wikipedia nofollows - zach - 02-27-2007


I just noticed that all external links on wikipedia have been changed to nofollows...

This really sucks (especially for people sucking PR from the wiki)!

Since when did wikipedia do this?


wikipedia nofollows - Icetray - 02-28-2007

Since they realised how many people were doing it. I mean Google bans anything that gives anyone an unfair advantage. Either way, you're still going to be getting your free traffic right?

wikipedia nofollows - berlinlife06 - 02-28-2007

I didn't even notice that! I've been "away" from research for a couple of weeks or more, so I haven't noticed. But I'll check it out right away! Thanks Zach.

wikipedia nofollows - xtraze - 03-07-2007

Anyway advertisements wont survive many days on Wiki.
It gets deleted by members or by their staff.