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Advantages of Dedicated Server - vamsi - 11-13-2017

Security of your site is the main reason to look at dedicated hosting. In a shared environment, there is always the possibility that someone else with a website on your server will find a way to crack into your account, exposing your company and your client data. This can be a major concern for companies that store customer credit card numbers in databases that reside on the server.

Cost effectiveness is another important aspect of dedicated hosting. Instead of having to pay for costly add-ons, additional disk space and bandwidth, you can usually find a dedicated hosting plan that offers these features for less money than you would have to pay by adding on extras.


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RE: Advantages of Dedicated Server - domainname - 11-14-2017

The shared information in this post is very helpful for me. Thank you for sharing.

RE: Advantages of Dedicated Server - Unisecure - 11-14-2017

The main difference of Dedicated server hosting is that the server is entirely dedicated to your business. It can also be used as linux or windows dedicated server host. You can also use it for unmanaged & managed dedicated server hosting.

Other benefits include :
1. server resources are private.
2. security
3. performance
4. scalability
5. choice of OS

RE: Advantages of Dedicated Server - saurabh mathur - 11-29-2017


1.We can host multiple site under one server and it will vary due to the availability of disk space, allotted bandwidth, etc.

2. It cost prices have been reduced a lot as compared to web hosting server and thus this is the most important and prominent advantage that is being used by the customers.

3. It allows us to have our web hosting services solely serve into our website and in addition of this, we will get complete control over the administration of our server.

RE: Advantages of Dedicated Server - HostJinni - 12-27-2017

There are a lot of advantages of dedicated server:-

* Server resources are not shared by others
* You can be enhanced performance and security
* Lot of Flexibility
* Unique IP address
* No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment

RE: Advantages of Dedicated Server - manoharparakh - 01-04-2018

There are many advantages that a business gets with dedicated server hosting. These include:

1. Complete control: You have root access to your server and can install any software, select the hardware you want, configure the server in any manner that suits your business.

2. Comprehensive resources: All the resources are for your websites. The concept of sharing a server with other businesses is eliminated.

3. Complete isolation: You are the sole occupant of the server and have total privacy for your mission-critical applications.

4. More reliability: Since the entire resources are with you, there is no possibility of any shortage of resources for your business. You are assured of 99.95% network uptime. You also are assured of faster page upload as you alone use the bandwidth.

5. Enhanced security: You are given a dedicated IP address which isolates your business from others. No unauthorized entity has access to your site.

6. Dedicated monitoring: your host provides proactive monitoring of the Dedicated server to make sure there is no issue that may impede its performance.

RE: Advantages of Dedicated Server - dishita2507 - 01-20-2018

A dedicated server hosting in India provider handles the cost of building and maintaining server equipment, reducing the overhead for a business purchasing server space, and improving their return on investment.