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Full Version: Good legal site
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I just wanted to share this ariticle I found. It is well-written and has definitions and explanations of legal terms pertaining to domains.
Drafting the Gift Domain
Wow! That is one in depth article and should prove to be an excellant point of reference for many on this board. I especially appreciated the information on applying for a patent. Ver user friendly information.

Thanks Hokeshel!
Wow, this is very long and has lots of great topics. Thanks for the reference I really needed one I could use that covers it all.
Thanks very much for posting that link! I found it a very interesting article and enjoyed it immensely.
Your welcome. I am glad you found it of help. It is great to have a forum where we can help each other out.
oh man.... so many Laws, puts people off registering and developing domains
Here's a site that talks a little about domain name laws if that would be of any help to anyone:
Thanks for the post
It is really useful!

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It is so interesting and nice article..really it define all legal terms and definition of domain which is helpful when we registring any new domain
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