15 Post count to add your domains for sale ?
Can I ask why the rule to have 15 post count exist to add your domains for sale ?
Just curious. Rolleyes

I had several 4 character domains to sale and thought I would post them here first then I seen the rule, and figured I would ask why such a rule.

Please don't take me as being a prick for asking this question. I really enjoy reading this forum and do not want members to think of me like that.
Any case I'll just put them on eBay instead.

Thank You
Hi trukolor

Thanks for asking that question.

The reason for the '15-post rule' is that we are a community of domain buyers and sellers. We like to encourage people to share information and post around the forum in order to maintain our community.

This prevents people from coming to Doman Social and spamming the forum with their domain offers. Sure, we WANT domain offers, but we don't ONLY want domain offers. So, we allow users who have proven themselves to post their domains for sale.

Note that buyers can reply to your threads and buy your domains, without any post-count limits.

Besides all of that, 15 posts is not really that much, so it's easy to obtain. However, it is enough to responsabilise our users and familiarise them with the community. For that reason, we consider it a fair-trade off.

It's great that you have some domains to sell, and I'm sure that they are very good. Sure, you can put them up on ebay if you want.. I have nothing against that. The more exposure you get the better. But, again, we are a community, not just a spam page for domain sellers.

I don't think of you as a prick for asking that question, and I'm sure that no one else here does either. I love people who question the rules, and that's why this site was founded (because of the stubborness of other forums). It's great that you enjoy reading the forum, but have a go posting in a few threads to raise your post count a bit, and you'll have full access to the site.

See you around the forum!

Thank you zach for that fast reply, I most certainly will be hanging around and posting as well.
I really appreciate what all I have learned from this forum since I have joined, and I am sure I will learn much more here.

Thanks again
I am glad I know that there is a minimum of 15 posts. That isn't very much, but it's smart way of doing things. You're right about this place is not here just for that reason, only. It's a community and unique.
Shame on me... I've been here like a year, and I didn't know that rule! LOL! Anyway, what happened? Did you sell your stuff? I saw on your post count that you have still some posts to get to 15. Good luck anyway!
I wasn't aware of the rule either, but I can see why it's there.

I think there's a pretty brisk amount of activity here, so it shouldn't be hard to get up to 15 posts. Cool

Best of luck.
Fifteen posts to add domains for sale? Do I hear thirty? Let's get that number up so we don't feel left out. I want double the number right now.Smile
me completing my 15 posts. Its a fair rule but 15 posts.. mmmmm ok Ill do it :d

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