2.9$ domain .
I found this site on my email. They are offering domain in 2.9$ for the first year. After that about 8$ per year. Isnt that great?
here is the site: ipower.com
Thanks for sharing. I think that i recognize that company.. someone told me that they registered loads of domains there but then decided to transfer away because the control panel was too complicated.
I had a look, but the offers I saw were a flat $6.95 per year with no deals! But they do have a plan for hosting ...ten domains for $12.95 per month, and they'll through in 3 free domain registrations too. That isn't bad.
yeah zach.
thats a good idea alos. My friends also did same. They registered 6 domain yesterday and transfered to godaddy.
Sounds like everyone is getting great deals on buying cheap domains. That's a wonderful way to buy a domain, for sure and if you're like me you are addicted to a great sale for something of value. I can't pass it up. Once you buy them, then you register them.
didnt like ipower.

would suggest you go to namecheap instead.
I have heard a few bad things about this site and one of them was the difficulty in transferring. What experiences exactly have you had?
I have never tried Ipower, but didn't get much positive feedbacks on it, what was your major problem?
maybe he is not satisfied with the renew charge.
thats not intresting like the registration charge.
Sounds like a lot of charges. Renewal and registration charges are what you are talking about. Are they much more than normal?

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