A question about page ranking?
There is something in my mind that i would like to discuss with all of you being as newbie.
Lets suppose i have 5 pages in my website other than main page so when talking about page ranking .are my all pages will get different page rankings on search engines as "key words" in meta tags are ion main page for which some can optimze site ?
Good question.
ANd what if the high ranked page is not the main page?
i dont get your question.

all pages have individual page ranks.

the index page or 'front page' tends to get the highest.

higher PRs rank you higher in the SERPs.

does this answer your question?
Keywords have nothing to do with page rank. Page rank is just a score giving to a page to compare it with other sites. What keywords it is ranked for is not relevant.
If you need to increase page rank of all internal pages, go for all pages individually to increase their traffic and PR.
i can't understand your question but according to for all pages in your website you will get one page rank.

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