A simple domain monitoring application
Domain Hunter v0.0.3

[Image: medium_screen1.png]

Domain Hunter is a simple application to monitor the state of a list of domain names. Changes in the status of a monitored domain can be sent to an email address or the domain information can be obtained on demand through a Web interface.
Domain Hunter is a free software released under the GNU/GPL

Project home page
Download script (sourceforge mirror)
Demo script
Thanks for the tip! I'll forward it to a friend who was actually looking for something like this. I'm not into it too much ... yet!
Thanks for sharing.
Wow, that sounds like a great resource. I'm not ready for it at the moment either, but thanks for showing it to us.
Very cool. I'm surprised that something like this hadn't been developed already to be entirely honest. The status changes are really going to up the ante for serious domainers as well and I can see races for domains becoming more common as this type of app makes it easier to see the market shifting.
Go look at DnZoom.com
Its free and does so much more.

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