Adwords I threw myself under the bus
I keep checking back to see what he has to say. I made 14 cent yesterday.
Okay, so my investment was a lot. Out of that $2,000, $800 was sole profit, so I initially invested $2,000.

The only reason I invested so much is because it was a hot niche. I'll say more about it in the other thread.

berlinlife06 Wrote:$2000 in 9 days sounds great to me! But the trick is to know how much did you advertise? How much was your investment initially? Sorry to bug you, but those are the things that will help others to know what to do.
I was lucky enough to find a website that gave me amazing direction. I'm not sure what the policy is of advertising for other websites here so I won't say for now.

The niche was a topic that was really all over the news and people were hungry for a solution. So I believe part of it was luck. I'm happy it happened early on because it showed me that I could do it. Since then, I haven't found such a successful campaign. Still looking.

aquariancore Wrote:I would like to here your how's and whys so the rest of us can learm from your success.
Thanks for being honest. Most people shill the hype and can't back it up.
Hmm... so it really was just getting back what you invested out of luck in the "hot" campaign. Well, I wish you the best! Unfortunatelly those are the things that many people use to scam others: Get rich fast! But wait, there's this thing of puting money down... I guess you can make more money as day trader than on the internet! LOL!

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