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Zach ~ I've been trying to find her original blog posting about this mini-project but I can't locate it. She did it just for fun and has been surprised by the results. When I type "red kitchen appliances" but without the quotes (as I linked in my msg up there) she is on the first page of Google's results for me. Google doesn't return different results for different people, does it? Odd! She's still there now as I double-check it but is at #9 where I think she was at #7 or #8 when I originally linked.

Andrew ~ I'm tickled that you're blogging about her site. She's quite the lady. She's been through some tough stuff but has retained her commitment to her home and built a business stemming from her passion for home and family. She's helping other women (and plenty of men, too Wink ) learn to do the same thing.
technoflutemom Wrote:I have issues working with Amazon because their policies toward publishers are horrible! It's common for small publishers to actually lose money on each Amazon sale, but they need to put their books there because that's the first place people are going now for reviews and book information.

This is the first I've heard of that. I love Amazon because you CAN target products so easily to the content on your site, and change them out very quickly. But I woudl like to know more about the small publisher complaints.
I don't think amazon has left with that much potential as it gains in early days of its inception. now people don't go to amazon because 70% of their listings are out of stock all the time. I shifted my self to ebay for this purpose now.
Quote:But I would like to know more about the small publisher complaints.

Publishers have to give them "preferred prices", guranteeing that no one will get the wholesale books for cheaper or can be offered for a cheaper retail price. You can't sell the books on your own website, except for limited time sales, for cheaper than they are going to be sold on Amazon. Then, from this cheapest possible price, Amazon takes a HUGE chunk. If they offer a sale, it comes off of the publisher's profit (at least in part, I'm not sure if it all does).

I had two experiences with Amazon and small publishers. The first was with a book I had written. As the author I got $1-2 dollars in royalty per book sold through other means (including I got nothing from Amazon sales. The publisher claimed to have lost $1 per Amazon sale.

I kind of assumed I was being taken on that one, until I started my own small press. Once you meet Amazon's terms, you are giving them the books for below cost just for the privilege of being listed there.
technoflutemom Wrote:Once you meet Amazon's terms, you are giving them the books for below cost just for the privilege of being listed there.

Thanks for the info. That is very unfortunate, because Amazon is definitely a boon to small publishers in that they are able to get listed in a very reputable mainstream store, which can only help. Credibility certainly rises when you look like one of the players.
Yes, you really have to place books there for credibility. I don't know how their terms are for the "big boys". I would think they would have to be better as places like Random House have the clout to make or break an online source.
I had stuff set up on my page as an Amazon affiliate but never got anything from it. I'm not sure I kept that when I did the redesign.
This is really interesting. I am a jewelry artist and my website is focused on handcrafted jewelry and offering books to customers so they can learn more about my products is a good thing and I may make some money....interesting. I will have to look more into this affiliate amazon thing, thanks!

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