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Hey Zach,
this was ONLY from Clickbank (an affiliate marketing network).
my total is actually $1k+.

however, they withhold 10% to account for instances of chargebacks, etc.
I'll be putting up my other set of checks up soon.

my adsense isn't reflected, it's quite feeble actually (sub $50), so i didnt bother requesting for payment.
I don't see how you do it. I only make around $0.10 per day ON good days. Somedays I don't earn anything at all. How many uniques are you getting a day?
Keep plugging away Thoma. You got to find your right niche. It is different for everyone. There are so many revenue sources on the net, that you have to find the ones that match up best with you.

I know I toiled for a year plus before I finally had a Eureaka Experience, and found something that could start generating real and substantial revenue. Now I have been running with it.
Hey Thoma,
i got 2100 uniques last month.

i've got 2000 uniques as of right now.
i'm shooting for 4000 uniques by this month end.
my alexa ranking (i know it's not perfect) is about 64,000 now.

besides adsense which is abt $5 for the month till now, i'm going with affiliate mktg products and got a few resale right's products too.

if things go according to plan, i'm looking at $3,000 in income for October.

[Image: paypal280.gif]

if you take a look at this screen, over a 4 day period i did about $280 of sales, which is pure profit, this was for Ewen Chia's Auto Blog Income Generator, which is an automated blogging solution.

the people who paid $20 for it, obviously saw value in it.

you can look at it at ewenchiaoffer - ewenchiaoffer

just think about it for a moment.
if you bought something for $20, and it made you $10 a month, or even $5 a month, wouldnt it be worth it?

i think in internet mkting everything lies in providing value to people who buy stuff from you.

i'd gladly pay $100,000 for something if i knew it'd make me $1m, wouldnt you?

so i think the more healthy and productive thing to focus on is how you can provide value to others, rather than merely how to make more than $0.02 or $2 or $10 from adsense.

if you out to purely make money, people will smell you from a mile away and avoid you like the plague.

if you'd like tips on income generation, feel free to check out my posts at my blog and post yr questions in the comments if you'd like.
Yeah I am finding the affiliate pathway to be fairly lucrative. Starting from zero in September, I am expecting about $3000.00 in revenue for October.
This is interesting. So how does one get started in this business? I am interested but a little leary as well. I like the idea of fast income, I can barely make ends meet with 3 Student loans and all. What is the best way to get started?

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