Getting revenue for ex-blog domains?
I am looking for some suggestions in converting the traffic for expired domains that were previously a Blog. Is there any good affiliate program or PPC that is suitable for this type of domain?

I grabbed some of these domains which previously were Blog, and were enjoying pretty good traffic volume. At the moment I do not intend to develop the domain into a website. These domains still have some google PR, but I need to act fast to capture the potential traffic before it plumps off. I am parking them at godaddy currently.
I'll be very interested in the answers on this one ...I've got two which I'd like to do similar with!
The best thing to do is probably get it to be a featured domain on sedo, so you get front page space, except it quite a chance to take, if it doesn't sell good then you have less money than you started with.

I'd say it depends much on the domain name in this case, if that can spark an interest then I'd go for it and then hope the amount of traffic would draw the price up, btw how much traffic are we talking about?
emm...but I am not considering of selling them off yet at this moment. I am looking more onto PPC or some sort of monetization for the traffic. Example, one of the domain was drawing about 150unique/day, and pageview is like 500 per day. In one month, this could add up to be roughly 4500unique with 15000pageview. Just think if I have a pool of 5 for these domains.

Even if I were to go with SEDO, I don't think I could even fight with other giant players with much more traffic. In big marketplace like SEDO, my traffic is just a small nut compare to others.
if youre thinking about ppc with no site development, you are basically looking for a parking partner? What is the subject of the keywords in the domain.. some parking partners have higher ppc for certain keywords.
emm...good light up Zach. Ok, to aviod advertising my own domain :p , let do case study here on 2 particular domains that I was eyeing sometimes ago but failed to land it :mad: :-
1. - PR4, backlinks was 4k+, last updated 17/04/06
2. - PR5, backlinks...forgetten :p , last updated 07/05/06

*The last updated is based on Whois record,
- If you view it thru wayback machine or archive. you could see that was a blog site, but I think it was french language ( I dont understand the language ).
- for, if I remember it correctly, it was a government/town community related site.

For these 2 domains, I think it would very very hard to target for keyword in PPC. If members here could help to brainstorm some, it will be great for future reference.

At the moment, I am following the progress of newtonfo to try "learn" from the new owner as to what he plan to do with this "gem". For msecc, the new owner has converted it into a busines directory. I believe he is planning on the "Paid Listing Fees" once the popularity is built up.

Well, these 2 domains was sold for about few hundreds buck each (out of my budget ) and I had to see them go.... But nevermind, I am still watching few othersBig Grin
Google adsense has a lot for blogs. On the pages where I mention my blogs, a lot of advertisements post. Blogging is really popular. So if you kept the blogging theme, and made into a blogging directorry of sorts, or maybe ratings for blogging software, then maybe it would still get a lot of blogging related traffic that could convert to income?
For blogs, I try not to run adsense if the traffic is still low, eg below 100visitors per day. In the meantimw, there are plenty of ads network avaialble for blog :-
1. BlogAds - One of the first blog ads companies.
2. BlogKits - Its focus is affiliate marketing.
3. CrispAds

Just to share.
And links to big blog sites tends to help as well. I linked to Blogitive, etc. and I know a lot of hits come directly from them.
Thanks vicki2 for sharing the Blogitive. I'll surely have at look at them. By the way, I am wondering how would it be possible to geta link back to my domain from those "big" and "heavy traffic" site? You know, if my domains are just parked, and couldn't provide any possible link back to those sites in "link exchange" practice, how would they even consider of providing link to me?

ANyone has a good strategy in getting this work?:o

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