Available Domain Appraisal Service?
eria Wrote:I used godaddy for my site appriasals and it works very fine for me, but the price they suggest was not so good. so its better to consult some online experts before going to sale your web site.

What price did they suggest ?
well for one of my sites, they suggest $245, but actually that sites has offers from 4000 to 5000 privately. I think they only suggest price based on url, not for web site actually.
If you pay for an appraisal you are absolutely throwing your money away. They are never taken seriously by professional domainers.

If the appraisal comes in high the domainer likes to show it off as if to say, "see my name is worth something". If it comes in low they never show it.

But always, when a name is sold the pro who buys it never pays attention to it (appraisal). Plus the apprasal can actually cost you money. Besides the price for it you might think the appraisal means the name is worth only so much, when in fact it can be worth lots more.

Go to the domain forums and read that most professional domainers will not give one ounce of attention to a appraisal when buying a name.

How do you know what a name is worth? You know it by seeing other names that are simalar selling for a certain price.

Think about this, if a site gets your money for an appraisal and you list it for that price you will sit on it forever, unless the appraisal came in low.

Buyers want to pay what they think the name is worth.

If you cannot negotiate a sale you will not do good in this business. You need to have the abiltiy to ask the buyer what he wants to pay and they go from there. Build up the strong selling points to the buyer, asking for him / her to offer more. That is why when you see a name selling in a auction house you will usually see the offer history.

That history shows a low start point and over the period of months and even years each offer goes up to a point where the seller finally agrees to the offer price.

People who think paying for a appraisal will somehow help them sell a name are asking for a easy way. No easy nothing in this business. You need to research and study until your eyes fall out, until you know the estimated price of what yor name is worth.

Not one pro will pay a penny more for a domain that has been appraised than what he / she thinks it is worth. If you want to make money in domaining do not give it to the auction houses that say the appraisal will help sell it.

The name itself will sell it, not some appraisal from some sales person who works for a domain company.

If you only had five bucks to your name and you wanted a nice glass greenhouse you could do two things, buy a lottery ticket or buy a ounce of tomato seeds.

If you spend it on the lottery ticket ( same odds of making more money by getting an appraisal) you will be throwing it away. If you bought the ounce of tomato seed and worked hard to grow a thousand tomato plants and then sold them on the weekend you will have enough money to buy that greenhouse.

No different in domaining. It takes hard work to get anywhere. No easy paths to fortune, just study, dedication and hard work.

How can a name that has been appraised possibly make you any more money without it being apraised when you think about the technique of selling names. You register a name, then place it in the auction house. The auction house like Sedo having five million names for sale.

If someone wanted a name like the one you have they are going to do a search for it thru the auction house settings. When they get to the category where your names sits the catefgory might have ten thousand names like yours for sale. Can you tell me how your name will pull in more lookers with such a system if it has an appraisal?

Nope won't help in the least. Then think about this.. when the person looking to buy a name like yours picks one out and buys it he is only one buyer on that day out of only a dozen domain sales a day. Those are pitiful odds of selling anything.

For instance, lets say you had a hamburger joint and you had five million hamburgers for sale, just waiting in the freezer and your average hamburger sales in any given day where 8- 12.

My friend you have a pretty poor sales rate to say the least.
Well that is exactly what the big auction houses have. A couple months ago Afternic boasted they had over four million names for sale on any given day.

Research the amount of names that sold daily and you will average 8-12 domains.
The same is true in Sedo.

So what I am saying is they are not marketing your and my names.

They are not spending money to get follks to buy your names thru advertising.

Why should they, they have a capitavated audience who seems to think throwing them money for appraisals and showcasing domains and paying extra for extra categorys is somehow going to push the success ratio up. It does not.

What it does do when you pay extra for appaisals and upgrading is improve their bottom line.

The domainers today are getting wise to all this and it will take some time but those who sell our names will soon be forced to actually show great improvements in sales to listings ratio.

We are on to them and they will have to produce results. Places that have poor sales to listings ratios will loose members to the places that spend money to get end users coming in to buy domain names

Seems to me if a place has four or five million of something for sale and they are only averaging selling a little more than a half dozen a day will need to look to marketing to improve the sales.

Untill every domainer asks to see what monies are used to actually buy advertising to get buyers of names to the auction house we will continue to get scammed. If they say they are in the busines of selling domain names, they had better improve our odds of actually selling one.

Don't add insult to injury by paying them for appraisals.
Wow! That is very interesting information. I will be page marking this for future reference. Thanks for sharing and keeping us informed.

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