BANS or Money-Tree?

I know this srictly isn't the right place to introduce myself but as it's my first post I thought I should at least say hello.

I also want to say thanks to everyone that posts on these forums; I've been domaining for a couple of weeks now and have learnt so much just by sitting in the background and reading what you all post.

Anyway, to my question which I hope someone will kindly answer...

I've bought about 7 domains, nothing too fancy, just to get me going. All are currently parked (6 with Sedo, 1 with domainparking) but have quickly realised that this isn't the way to earn passive revenue from them.

What does look like a very good solution - to me at least - are the ebay niche store systems BANS and Money-Tree. Can anyone tell me which is better and / or suggest something better still.

All help and advice gratefully received.
Sedo's PPC is horriable compared to some of the other ones out there, if you can get at least 10 domains, you can apply for an account at, they pay really good. Theres a few others that are way better than sedo, but maybe someone else could tell you about those more, I'm gonna stick with my parked accout Big Grin
What is Money-Tree?
I've heard great things about I personally would rather build my own revenue-producing sites than let a service do it for me.

Valdeam [Image: 08040837089cdf46631a10aca5258e16.gif]
Aside from Sedo I would recommend Parked or Fabulous - They seem to have the best rates. Wink

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