Benefits of having a website?
hi, sharing from my experience.
it is possible to develop a hugely popular and profitable website, it's likely to take time though.

i know a lot of people seems very focused on the $$$ and sometimes they don't factor in the effort required to achieve it.

it's definitely worth focusing on a niche and becomes a specialist in that area. (after all, surgeons earn much more than regular doctors!).

do check out this site.
i also have put out quite a bit of free content on my sites at and

hope this helps,
LOL Triumph ..excellent advise. One of the things about the net is so many trying to make alot quickly and without a real passion ..except for making money.
I agree with Vicki that you need the passion fo your web site, because that should be the reason you started it. Money and getting money has it's limitations especially when you are doing something like this. Many sucessful businesses started from passion about that service or whatever they are providing.
ideally all of us would like to earn lots of money doing nothing.
but reality doesnt work that way.

i'd advise you to look at the various options out there, figure out your interest, what you might like to do and go from there.

be prepared for quite a bit of hard work to get to where you can take it easy though!
You really need to make sure that your ehart is in whatever you do. A website take a lot of commitiment and time.
True, you need to learn, and learning is easily done through various mishaps and mistakes. Don't expect your first website to become a worldwide phenomenon.
What Triumph said.

I've finally found the thing I would want to do even if nobody paid me for it. The problem is, nobody is likely to pay me for it. So it's a questioning of learning a lot and working hard, hoping to make it pay off.
At these times, you have to choose a Genuine idea/subject.
When you have your idea/subject in mind, briefly outline a plan, maybe jot down a few goals and your main objective. Who do you want your targeted audience to be? Websites do take a lot of time and commitment, you cannot except to make loads of money, as soon as, the site is uploaded. Since it's will be your first one, it might will turn out to be a learning experience. That's a good thing
Oh Triumph :confused:
I thought you would know better.

Just a job will never make you rich. You have to own things. Property, businesses, intellectual property . . . Maybe money IS his passion.

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