Font size on a website?
When it comes to having a website it's always wise to have your website set out so that everyone who visits will have no problem reading and viewing your website. I feel font size is a great example of something that should be taken into consideration when creating a website. Having your font size too small or too large could be off putting for guests so having it at a good size so that all can read it but it's not too over powering is always a good idea.

Are you someone who takes font size into consideration?
This is important, as it is sometimes important to search engines as well. You should always make your site easy to read and easy to undestand and the font size and font choice.
In my opinion font size is so important. Having anything too big can be off putting to anyone and can also make the site look a mess but having something too small can deter people who haven't got great eye sight. It's always wise to go for something in between so that it suits everyone. I find something like a font size 12-14 is always good.
yes, we do consider

Because we comprehend, Google will love a webiste when everyone else. and to enable users browse information from your website, it must be redeable and understandable; in this process font size is considered to be the one source.
Yes, its important to consider font size in web design to helpful for readers you can use different font size for different subjects. It depends on your own taste and style, also it must be enough interesting for visitors.

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