Best places for a newbie to get started
Hello World. I'm new to the whole domaining thing, and I think I'm about ready to tap into this. Before I do, however, I have a few questions about where I should get started.

1. Is it possible for people who have never even sold a domain in their lives to start at eBay? If not, what are some other places I can sell domains? (Keep in mind that this is for a person who hasn't even gotten into the business before and needs to gain trust)

2. Is it wise to start with expired domains or get brand new ones? If the former, how would I go about searching for these?

I'm sure I have more, but this is all I can think of for now. Thanks in advance.
I don't see any answer to your question. I am new also but, I think you should try to start with names that are in an area that you have an interest. What do you want to do with the names? I wish someone that knows would have answered you. Best of luck to you.
u must chose short >10 letters and prefer one word for ur domain
have a look
Try to sell it on

Good page, I sold there my first domain..
i have a domain and i am selling. only $500
full for you
Nice name, wish I had some extra time to develop this into a website :-(
Already has a few links and some possible visitors.. that is always good. For me personally, I would like to see more backlinks and better traffic for a $500.00 domain name, but I wish you the best. It is a great name for someone.
w8 have a look
Try and look around at different forums. Your going to find a lot of forums like this one with 1 line answers which don't mean anything. But just get into the habit of checking around daily about your interest and asking questions on different boards. You'll get different answers every time, and they all can help you out
Yes shorter is better but I wouldn’t automatically write of a name because it is more than 10 letters. Buy hey if there’s one thing I am learning it is that domainers often don’t agree, LOL.

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