Better than AdSense
I have come across this great PPC/PPM site recently and thought I would share.

This is for current webmasters ONLY. You must apply and get approved before
getting access to the site, but it's worth it if you got the traffic. Choose your
own campaigns, you have control. There are thousands to choose from.

Hell, if you don't have an ad rotator, you can use theirs. That's pretty sweet.

[Image: mb_468x60.gif]

(click the banner)

EDIT #2: If you want to sign up, it's the 2nd option: "MB is for affiliates" (unless you got something to advertise, then by all means, do the other one!)

Admin edit: note that this banner is an affiliate ad (RedMatrix, please state this next time, see rules).
Definetly will check it up, thanks. By the way, rotator looks really nice, i agree.
Great information! It sounds like a great resource for those who are admitted to membership.
Looking forward to checking it out.
Yes ,Thankx, for all the links, Echos
Red Matrix,

How much do you get paid when we click on your banner in your post to the maxbounty ppc site. I assume you are an affliate and you get paid for each person that clicks on that link?

You might be correct that is is a good parking site, but when you benefit from me clicking on that link I am a little bit curious.
It's possible he only gets remuneration if someone signs up after clicking his banner. It has a "referer" bit in the URL to which it sends the clicker.
Are you our referer? Is this one of those companies that requires you to submit lots of other names to be submitted into their data base? Echos
Hi guys. Sorry I was away... as I lost the link to this place. (dummy me)

To qualm all of your fears, here's the deal. I don't get paid by clicks, either that banner up there, or the actual ads it provides for my sites. The surfer, must click on an ad, and then do something, like spend money, or fill out a survey, (mostly buy a subscription to something). Then and only then do I get a commission (finder's fee?) for the sale.

The same rings true with the affiliate banner I put up there. YOU, as the clicker, have to sign up, and EARN SOME MONEY yourself, before I even see anything come my way. How much you say? A measely 5% of what you make. So, if you earn a hundred bux in your first month, I would get 5 bux (and it wouldn't get deducted from your profit).

echos, I would be your referrer, yes, but I wouldn't know if anyone actually signed up under me, as there is no communication between MB affiliates.

BTW, I made $2.15 my first month, lol. I just don't have a venue to put ads on yet.
It looks a little complicated to me, but I´ll talk to my partner and let him get in here to check out this. Maybe we will be interested on doing something like this on our website. Besides, I do believe on that saying: save the penny, and the dollar will save it self (or something on those lines that my grandma used to say). Thank you for you explanation.
Their minimum payout is $50.00 USD. They pay by check or direct deposit. I haven't gotten paid, because I didn't make enough yet. THe guy who told me about it, made $5,000 in his first month, but he has the ads on his very sucessfull forum: Prison Break Scene - Discussion Forum For The TV Show where he uses his own image as the "banner."

All he "sells" are ringtones, btw. He said it took him 5 weeks to collect the money.

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