CJ affects google ranking?

I heard from the grapevine that CJ.com ads on a site is a negative ranking factor for Google. This would mean that just putting CJ (or other major affiliate network ads) on your site could lower it's rank in google.

Is this true?

That is interesting. I do not know if it is true, but if it is...could it mean that you are being punished for competing with google???????
Well if it is true, which I have no idea whether it is (and I would love someone to confirm it), then it would be to weed out affiliate sites from content sites.

Does any one know whether this is the case?

I think we can use iFrames or just html frames to avoid PR drop.
I hope this can help.
If that were true for CJ it would have to be true for Clickbank and all others, which makes no sense. Google can't discriminate against one company like that they'd be in court (I know it seems like everyone is taking Google to court) on Federal charges.
Well I don't think so that CJ will effect on our ranking. I saw many high PR site have CJ also on their site.
That seems like a very unfair decision. I think you need to do more research about it. I hope Google is not doing that!

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