How to set goals in google analytics?
hi friends,

how to set goals in google analytics...anyone tells me plz...
=>Sign into your Google Analytics account and select the website for which you’d like to create a new goal.
=>In the left panel, click Admin. Then in the View column, click Goals.
=>To create a new goal, click the +New Goal button.
=>Now you’ll be prompted to enter a description and the details of your goal. You can enter a suitable name and choose the right goal type.
To set goals in Google analytics, follow the steps as:-

1. Go to your Google analytics standard reports.
2. Click on the admin button in the top right.
3. Click on Goals.
4. From one of the Goal set, click+ Goal to setup new goal.
i just wanted to see the recommended way to track form completions into Google Analytics

a few ways i could see:
1)add conversion code to thank you page
2)add a redirect to a custom thank you page
3)add a submit script

however they each have issues
1)could be messed up from wysiwyg or user input if they don't pay very close attention
2)requires adding a completely separate article, menu item, etc. very tedious
3)seems like the best, however not quite sure it will work?
It is very easy first you just have to go in Google analytic and click on admin. Their you would see the option of create goal just follow step by step easily you would able to make set goal.

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