Cheapest Domains
Best place to go is to ..You can find oodles of domains!
I've reported three domains registered with name cheap to their TOS in the last couple of weeks. Porn Spam and PayPal Fraud. I know crime is out there, but they need to keep it out of my EMAIL box! I guess the cheaper the domain, the easier to set up and begin conning without too much over head. :eek: :eek: I'm using godaddy, but I tell you, their website could use some user friendly options. Their customer phone service is great.

I think I will stick with them though. I haven't taken a look at name cheap as far as being a customer, but I'm going to browse their offers today.

But like I previously mentioned, how can you go wrong with the free hosting credits in the beginning (ad supported). good luck with those new domains, hope they're workiing well and NOT spamming me! j/k! Smile
Godaddy is number one for a reason.

I highly recommend getting all your names from them. Here is a code for a discount.

When you go thru the shopping cart, just before you pay, type this code into the area that says code

Here it is,


Here is another one if that doesn't work,


Both codes are for $6.95 domains.

Want a code to renew a domain at Godaddy?

Heres one, I just used it a few minutes ago and it works.

Here is code for cheap renewel, gdbb776

Good luck

Some names I am selling on auction at Ebay, at a starting price of .99 cents! If someone gets them for that price, I might quit domaining, lol.

To see the auction, go to, type into any search bar the domain name.
godaddy is great for domain registrations but i think for hosting hostgator is good, their support and service is just excellent
to get chepeast price for domains, its better yuo get a reseller account. This way you can get discounts on bulk purchases
I dont know who I used..I will have to look. but I paid 9.95 for the whole year of my domain name.
I'm using reseller plan with $24.99/month and currently hosting 10 sites and building 5 new sites too for adding to my reseller plan with hostgator
Is the $24.99 per month a good deal? It sounds like she is moving her domains around. So buying cheap domains can add up in the end.
I would go with GoDaddy, but if you do not I would stick with whatever company you choose for your domain registrations. Managing multiple accounts for your domains and transferring can get quite difficult when you are working with various different companies.
It depends on what you want. some include free hosting, like limedomains. Best bet is finding one good registrar and look for coupons.

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