Cybersquating with "www" prefix?
Hello ladies and gentlemen,
Ok, I am also looking at registering a few domain with "www" prefix eg like :-
1. wwwproperty.TLD
2. wwwvisa.TLD
3. wwwmastercard.TLD
4. wwwwalmart.TLD

There is no dot in between the "www" and following word. It is intended to capture some traffic from surfers who had forgotten to type in the "dot". So I wonder if these could potential invite dispute?? Well, some might say view them as cybersquating!:p Anyone got these type of domain under their belt??Big Grin
That's a great idea for capturing traffic! i never thought about that before. I suppose that if the tradmark is in the domain, you might lose any challange against your name. Anyway, im off to register a few www*.tld names Smile
That IS interesting. I know when I'm in a hurry, the dot often gets left out. Oh, the psychological aspects of domain names LOL.
Well that's a clever use of no periods to your advantage. I wouldn't have thought of the pure genius of this idea in a million years. "WWWwalmart" All those people who are imperfect typers at your mercy!
I had thought about this before seeing it first hand. Does anyone have a domain like this that can share what kind of traffic they get?
Brilliant thought, but I wouldn't touch it for a hundred thousand bucks if I was registering a name of a really big, deep pocketed company. You don't want to be the test court case.
I think most big companies now watch registrations and anything with a similar name gets sent a letter right away. Something as blatant as this on a company like walmart would likely have a response within a day or two, I am sure.
One would certainly think that's an interesting concept but not one I think I'll do any investing of domain names in either LOL.
I think that's incredibly clever and for a moment there I was tempted. But I'm just too afraid of running afoul of some big fish I didn't know existed to even take the chance.
Hmm, it'd be interesting to see the extent of legal repercussion. I would guess that it may end up being disputed, but then again, there are many typo addresses that aren't disputed...

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