Developing a forum domain?
To "prune" to cut back the threads? That is what I would think prunning a forum would be. To remove outdated threads or threads that did not take off?
pruning is the worst problem nowadays, I got plenty of spam posts on my forums daily and have to delete and sometimes block that user from posting to aviod such things. if you can't look around daily then your forum may get populated with stupid things like poker, adult and other posts and will distroy your overall image in search engines and visiters
Good point. So pruning is good to keep out unwanted growth or guests. I don't think I could have a forum because I would neglect it.
There are two way to cut down on spam. One is too have verication in your sign up and an the second is a click activation from an valid email. This cuts the spam down drastically. Also I have a no bots mod as well.
I agree, having a forum would be too much work to keep it in good condition. I could see myself slowly slacking in maintaining the site.
Any site you put up has to be maintained. Cold content loses visitors. My third site will attest to that.
Well it is safe to say that you always have to have mod's on your site to maintain it and prevent so much pruning. Too much work, lol.
It's not that hard at all. Also unlike other I am using SMF. So far for the first two I like it . There will be a third at the end of April.
Sorry for such a dumb question but what does smf stand for ?
It's not a dumb question because it is how I found out about Simple Machine Forums. They are an open source forum base you can use plain or skin.

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