Does such mail receipts are scams ?
Hello Friends,

I got few mails like this " my client / cousin is in need of a domain , i have a shipping company, he is interested in , you give your name and address. My client will pay you in the form of check. note the check amount will be more than your price. you take your domains price and forward the balance cash to me via westernunion mail me if you are trust worthy. "

If i receive such mail offers, what i have to do. I feel these are some sort of scams

I wish my friends to review on this subject.


Why write check more than your price?
check is given by the client. I think, he will say to his client a higher price 1.5 to 2 times of my fixed price. i.e commission , commission, commission.
As a Professional Domain seller. I have to promote my sale and hence i participate @ forums, social medias, press releases, article publish etc. I read about this i.e, nigerian scam from wikipedia when one of my friend @ a forum told me about this. As such i asked for cash in the form as he requested i.e via paypal / western union. But that guy flied else where , No response.

If he is really interested in that domain he will make a repeated mail. Okay i wait for my next customer.

Well, that is a Scam!!! Ask to be paid on Paypal. anything that is not "real money" like a check can be a fake and or without funds. So, ask to be paid on Paypal, and your amount. That is a scam done all over the net, from renting apartments to buying crap. Be careful! When I was renting my apartment, someone from London wanted to rent it, and said that will give me a check for 3 thousand dollars more than what I asked, so I could pay the decorator to make the apartment the way he wanted... what I answered was: If I get a check I am not paying anybody anything! Scam someone else! ... of course never got an answer!
It is safe to assume that anything you get in email that you didn't specifically ask for is a scam, especially if it is a business deal from "someone" with a "cousin"!
Scams seem to happen a lot over domain names. I would just move on and let it alone. Let them pay through sedo or someone let that to watch your back.
Some of the scam attempts are so naive it's amazing. I wonder how often they actually get someone to participate with a cold email solicitation?
Taggart Wrote:Some of the scam attempts are so naive it's amazing. I wonder how often they actually get someone to participate with a cold email solicitation?

Well, I don't remember exactly where I read this, but it is something I've founf to be true over and over again: "Never underestimate the human stupidity". Many people fall for the scams, specially the ones where a lot of money is involved. Domain names are just one of the categories for people scaming on the internet.
I agree about using a scam for domains. They scam in every other area - banks, credit cards, and the internet. I always use PayPal for cash payments. I've had an two accounts with them for over 2 years and no problems. I can access my bank accounts, and Credit cards. It easy to get payment on PayPal. I can use to subscribe to things I want too.

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