Embedding video?
Gigi Wrote:I am still grieving over the death of Napster (as we knew it when it was created) hehe.

Speaking of Napster, have you heard about the woman who was fined over $200,000 for illegal downloading? I heard about that last week on the radio, but now I can't find it with Google.

Pirating and unlicensed downloading are illegal and precedents are being made.

If you want to have possession of a movie or music track, buy it. Wink
I think I go against the crowd on This one. I hate going to a site expecting to see something new and all they have are Youtube and Metcafe videos. I mean I have a account on both of those sites and if I wanted to see them I would be on those sites. It seems like a rip off to go to a site to find fishing videos and all you get from the site is videos from other sites...
I think they will keep free, and that is the reason that they have so many visitors each day. To loose that kind of traffic because it would be a pay site is a big risk.
I love having embedded video but the only problem I've had is losing the link due to the user removing the video or changing the URL. Does anyone have a good solution to this problem? I maintain a music and lit blog and frequently embed music videos relevant to articles and reviews I write but right now they've all gone dead which is horrible to deal with.
There's not really a good way around this. Try to find original sources rather than reposters, but for copyrighted material, it can disappear anytime.
Yeah, I've been a lot more consistent lately and haven't had dead links when taking more time to identify the original source of the videos. It works out well anyway because often they're of a much higher quality than reposts ensuring that they won't die and that they look good as well.
Well, it is like everything in life... if you want something good, you have to make the effort to search for it! And besides, most of the time the original source will be glad to have another "outing" for their video, specially if they are bands or music related videos.
That's definitely true. Most of the official band videos or music videos are put onto YouTube by the labels anyhow so they always have the best quality and aren't in any danger of going anywhere.
aquariancore Wrote:As I posted if they do that they will be violation of contract provisions of a large portion of their sources. The have added Wall Street Journal and other several others that prohibit any form of reselling or fee based distribution of their product through second party. To lose all these sources would virtually shut them down.

They could always choose not to charge a fee to view those clips. Including them at the free membership level might do the trick!
That's a good point. Most big companies actually want you to host their clips anyhow because it works as a form of free advertising but it's essential to always check before you rely too heavily on something you're not positive of the legality of.

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