Fastest growing domain Registrars ?
I also heard alot about godaddy.
Its good they are providing domain in cheap price than others.
But i never get a chance to register with them. I have unverified paypal account. You guys are lucky enough because you are using godaddy hehe.
btw for internet marketers who might see big spikes in traffic (eg. more than 100k hits in a single day), i've heard GoDaddy spontaneously freezes your domains and doesnt give them back(!)

a number of the IM guys are using namecheap, including one of the bigger guys Mike Filsamie.
if you google around, you can usually get a coupon.

i have also used ipowerweb.
quite shocking that i keyed in my credit card number, didnt get an acknowledgement or an invoice. their admin panel is not the greatest either...
WebHosting.Info - Web Hosting Information
Gurpartap Wrote:WebHosting.Info - Web Hosting Information

Yupp, nice site Big Grin

Do you use it regularly?
tshugo Wrote:Yupp, nice site Big Grin

Do you use it regularly?

Whenever I need to!
That is a nice site, thanks.

Andrew, I didn't hear about GoDaddy doing this before.. what exactly happens? What reason do they give for freezing accounts?
Great site. The info will sure come in handy. Thanks!
No problems Wink
Gurpartap Wrote:Whenever I need to!

Makes sense. Thanks for the site, very helpful. Interesting that we all just figured Godaddy was on top. This is something to add to my list of resources.
Gurpartap Wrote:WebHosting.Info - Web Hosting Information

Great site, use them quite often. FYI for everyone this is a Directi ( Directi | Home ) service who also happens to be a TLd registrar via PDR ( Public Domain Registry | Home ). Are quite an interesting company and very dynamic.

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