Floor waxing conservation role
Floor waxing and curing refers to a layer of wax on the floor surface, after curing the wax can play the role of isolated air, water vapor, dust, thus reducing the floor due to oxidation or detoxification of harmful substances in the air caused by damage; at the same time Can also play to reduce shoes and other wear on the floor, thereby extending the life of the floor.
Glazing: Glazing is the most basic role of wax, after waxing the floor, can improve the brightness of its surface, so that the restoration of bright colors. Solid wax coating is a coating on the surface of the paint greasy light. Liquid wax is a combination of paint finish bright together.
Waterproof: floor often exposed to the air, inevitably by the mop water mark clean wind blowing rain, when the water droplets remain on the floor surface, causing paint marks dark spots, greatly affecting the quality of the paint and the service life. In addition, water droplets tend to expose the floor surface to oxidation. Multi-functional liquid wax is combined with the high temperature of the floor paint, which can reduce the water drop adhesion by more than 90%, thus greatly reducing the possibility of the floor being eroded and maximizing the protection of the paint finish. The solid wax proportion of light oil is not waterproof invasion of function.
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