Benefits of having a website?
Hey mates,

I have been thinking about starting my own website but im not convinced its a worthy thing to do at this point.

What are the benefits , financial included of running my own site. Im not thinking about selling anything on it.

What do you want a website for?

For a small site, with low transfer, youre looking at around 3-5 US$ a month and 9$ on domain registration.
zach Wrote:What do you want a website for?

For a small site, with low transfer, youre looking at around 3-5 US$ a month and 9$ on domain registration.

First and foremost, i always dream about having a very popular site and secondly i wish to make $$$$ .
You need a subject Smile

If you want to make money, you need to work hard. So it is a lot easier to choose something you are very interested in. A few exceptions exist (like the million dollar homepage, where the only passion was making money). Unless you have a great revolutionary idea, and even if you, do your best to stick to what you know about.

Once you have that set up, you can come monetize your traffic through adsense or some other PPC or affiliate program, or membership (depending on your site). There are a few threads on monitizating traffic here, check out the PPC section. Feel free to come back and ask at the PPC section here at Domain Social if you have any questions about traffic monitization! Smile


Well i do have a few ideas about things i like but they are not revolutionary to say the least. I dont mind the hard work.

I will have to read up on monitizating traffic etc. DomainSocial will provide me with the essential fundamentals required to understand my dream venture.

Thanks Zack.

Zach says to stick with what you know. That sound right.
Hi Lenandlar, got a great dream indeed...just like evryone here having a great aim to make it big one day. Ok, if you would like to build a great site and earn money from it...apart from good foresight, consistency is the key too!Smile

Just a little boost for your journey ahead :-
Quote:CINEMA.COM was sold via open auction for around US$700,000.00 in January 2000. It was brought by "Steve Hill, chairman and MD of Easysoft (a data access middleware company)".

In the bidding, "Sony" and "Universal Studios" were among the top bidders after Easysoft.
Well, with the advancement of internet infrastructure combined with great demand for digital media (entertainment) over internet, the cost of this domain is speculated to be around US$7,00,000.00 to US$10,00,000.00

Excited??? That's my dream too!:p
Thanks mate,

We all have dreams to get rich i guess.
My opinion is that you need to offer something somebody needs or wants.
If your only goal is to make money good luck. Making money is not easy. If you can find another passion to drive your motivation you will eventually find yourself making money. If money is the only goal, then you might just try a job. Smile

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