Gambling Names
I've been reading different forums on the subject of gambling names, but most of the posts I read were from 2003.

Is it legal to own and park a gambling name that has poker in it for example?

Does Afternic and Sedo allow them?

From what I read, it isn't illegal to own a gambling domain name however, some domain "parkers" have issues with this. You might want to contact them first though if I recall correctly, I don;t think they have an issue with this.
Sure, it's legal to own a gambling domain.

Recently, one of the major brokers (Afternic) banned gambling names from their portfolio. This coincided with the purchase of the company. There was a massive thread about this here on domain social. You could probably find it by searching.

Sedo and other brokers still allow gambling names.

Thanks Zach and Icetray!
Of course I don't have any experience on this, but I guess that having the name is not illegal! Operating a gambling site is another story! but the name, could be like a site of support for gamblers anonimous!
Certain parking providers have top notch software. They can target the traffic to places that are legal for online gambling. The best place to park your gambling domains is

Nevada, just passed some laws that allow certain casinos to have online gamling sites in the U.S. But that is a rare situation.

I just made $6.52 for one click for a poker name in Fabulous. But they are not easy to get into.
No problem though has anyone recently noticed that a whole lot of gambling related sites have started popping up everywhere. Has anyone else noticed this? Are they able to thrive that well?
Yes, it is legal to have the name...but yes I have noticed more and more gambling sites. What happened to all of the talk not allowing US to gamble online? I am still getting all these offers to participate in several sites.
Well it seems like the gambling sites are multiplying in number. It's a very popular subject and an addictive activity for most people who are looking for some fun.
I never have fun gambling,
How can I ? as I have never tried it.

But still a friend of mine has a few domains, and perhaps anyone can talk to him.
If you need to get it.

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