I can find good available domain names that others sell for big bucks - so what?
Hi, guys!

My name is Shav. I am about to get in to the domaining field since it seems pretty interesting to me.

I have developed a unique algorithm of finding good domain names available, which allows me to get 1, 2, or 3-word domains that are still available. I am not a pro in selling domain names like many of you, so I am thinking about providing a service to domainers as well as to everyone else willing to find and register a good domain name. It’s not about tracing expired and deleted domains (which I also do) but mostly lots of creativity plus some great tools.

I am thinking of a forum (or blog or cms) style site, where I’ll periodically list new good available domains for exclusive members. Once found I’ll analyze its brand-name potentials; keyword’s search volumes; popularity (# of pages in SEs), etc. and only then post it on the site. I want to make it as a subscription-based service.

At this moment, I have these questions:
- Would anyone be interested in it?
- How much would one pay for this service? Smile

Keep in mind that I’ll only post good domain names that people are usually selling for $1k and up in known domain auction and domain selling sites. Of course, I am not planning to sell “air”, so the first month will be totally free for everyone, so the next month people would see if it worth the money. But what kind of money?

Maybe, I’d better offer a niche domain name creating services for those who can’t come up with anything worthy and don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for what’s there for sale? Or maybe I’d better register the domains I find by myself and then try to sell it and thus will make much more money?

Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts are highly appreciated!

Last but not least: in the end of this thread, I’ll post one of the good domains as my “Thank You!” that would probably make you good $$$ if you are a good domain seller. Smile First saw, first registered. Smile Also, for the best post to my question I’ll give a one-word domain (from dictionary with more than 300k pages with it in Google and some search volumes) – to register and also to show that I can find good domains.

I am very serious about this idea but I want to be sure that there is a need for it.

I Private Messaged you. Check your inbox.
replied there, Zach.
So, people think it’s impossible to find a good domain name that is available today.
Let me prove that wrong. Let me show that it’s possible and that I am able to do it.

As my “Thank You!”, here are the promised domains, all are available at the moment of me typing this post. I have decided to give away more than promised. Enjoy!

1-word dictionary domain; 360k pages in Google, some search volumes too.

Are you against anything? Well, this is the best place to talk it out! Easy to remember.

Being under influence of the "Borat" the movie. Smile Quite marketable.

Good brand name. Very short, easy to remember. (Nowhere to go, but up!) Maybe will work great for an inspirational site.

Guys or girls talk about ones they just had sex with; Those frustrated about something expressing themselves.

709.000 results in Google. Sex-related site or psychological or game strategy - easy to remember - just 1 word. Smile

A portal for making good things to each other. A site that will bring the best out of you. Just 2 very short words; easy to remember, etc.

A cool name for an Internet start up firm. Smile

“Net Enemy” - post your net enemy (person, site) and find allies. Smile Good for a special networking portal.

For those who truly love SEO (search engine optimization).

A good site for a global glossary - a kingdom of terms.

Are you into tuism? Well, get tuism.com – an interesting philosophical term. One-word dictionary domain.

That’s it for now. If you decide to register something, I would appreciate to know how much would you pay for it if it was for sale. I’d love your feedback guys. Thanks.
(Zach, still waiting for your response - take a look at these ones and tell me what you think of them.)
7 out of 12 were registered today after my post... \that means something, does it? does it mean my domain names were good?

those who registered - please let me know for how much you would by these kind of domains if they were for sale? pm me. thanks.
I am completely new at this, still learning the ropes, but maybe you are into something. Since you are doing this stuff, what is your take on registering domains with numbers? What are the chances of getting listed top iif you have a number in the domain´s name? Just curious to hear yor opinion... I guess you know a lot.
i am also new at this - so can't say anything - hope some pro will respond to your question.
i personally think numbers are useless - unless the number or the word with number has good search volumes...
I have corresponded with filmlion in private a few times now. I just wanted to make a public post about filmlion's domains.

I do think that they are very good. You clearly provide very good brandable domains. You are probably on to something if you could just increase the number of domains that you produce at a time...

Also, thanks for posting the unregistered domains here. Apparently a lot of members made use of it Smile Guys, say thank you!

Berlinlife06: I'm pretty sure that I replied to your thread about numbers. If I haven't I will do it now! But generally, I would advise you to avoid using numbers.

thanks a lot, zach, for your kind words! - i am about to post new domains for auction - those i have decided to register and sell - they are very good, i think. let's see how it goes. Zach, and all guys at DomainSocial - happy new year!!!
Hi there
Yes its a very good idea .I know because Im doing it right now Go for it filmlion !
As Rick Schwartz is known to have said
“Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity known to mankind”

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