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Today, Nov. 9, 2006, I called up GoDaddy and requested a refund for the cash parking account I purchased from them on Nov. 5th. The support guy was very nice and cancelled my parking account and I will be credited for the $95 dollars in 5-7 bus days. I am overall very happy at how smoothly that went. I know that people here have said their support was very touchy but I would like to say my problem was resolved very smoothly. If it didn't go over smoothly I would have let you know too...lol. Maybe they are getting better with their support team, etc.

I'm glad it SEEMED to go smoothly... the cynic in me says that you shouldn't be too contented yet - wait 5-7 days and make sure you get your credit, first.
Thanks for letting us know. But, I agree with Penguinmama, let us know when the seven days is up if got your payment.
I will definitely let you all know when I get my payment.
I received my refund for the cash parking that I canceled. I have to say that was pretty smooth. Maybe they are doing better with their support and making customers happy. Who knows?
Very good! Thanks for letting us know Smile
No problem. Wink
It is great to hear when someone receives true customer service. In my business we try to always aware that a customer will tell twice as many people that they are unhappy than they will when they get superior customer service. I enjoy seeing someone reporting the positive.

Yes ,I am glad to hear it, Echos
scalamedia, I have heard even bigger statistics than that...something like ten-to-one with regards to people telling friends about poor customer service experiences.

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