GoDaddy Domain Registrations
I have been using GoDaddy for domain registrations for about 5 years now and would fully recommend them to anyone reading this for domain registrations. I did also try their hosting many years ago and quickly switched to another hosting company, but kept all my domains with GoDaddy. Their hosting support was terrible at the time and they have always had very quirky server configurations that make developing on their servers (in PHP anyway) difficult at times.

5 of 5 stars for domain registrations, but I would not recommend web hosting with them and I cannot say anything about any other services they provide because I have not used any of them.
Hello all,

I think GoDaddy is alright. They are very big and they do have good rates for domain names and renewals.

Their user interface for managing domains used to be very bad, slow, and inconvenient to use, but in recent years, they have improved it a lot.

I have used their customer service via email and I would say it's average. Usually, I get a response, but often, it's not very relevant or clearly a cut and paste answer. This can be frustrating. However, not many places offer much better, unfortunately.
#23 is very bad and very unreliable,
I believe gd still the best for now
I just don't like how you have to go through about 10 pages of b.s. to register one domain name at GoDaddy. Also, I have had a lot of problems with their support. No one seems to have any idea what is going on who works on their support team. They are outsourced overseas for sure.
I think Go Daddy is a good choice.
I have used for domain registry for many years and love them. Excellent service and great prices, with many advanced options, but easy to use.

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