Google AdSense Account Disabled
I got banned message from Google team.Sad

Well this is not good because they are talking about invalid clicks and impression but I am sure that was not right. Let me explain.

About clicks I never get more than 5 clicks on day and that was in march. So far April I got 3 click on April 12.

While on impression I never get more than 70 impression for my site and almost 70% come from DP and other ad revenue sharing forum.

So for me this is injustice because I am on $68.30 on earning. If I did any invalid activity than why they send me PIN last week.

This things makes me confused. :confused:

My CTR was 4.20% overall and highest for month was 11.23% in March.
Could it be someone who thought they were being a friend by clicking in repeatedly? Are you able to challenge?
Definitely challenge this!

This is honestly the first time I've heard of someone being unfairly banned, so I don't exactly have any specific advice for you. But do not give up. Call, email, and don't stop getting in contact with people until the issue has been resovled.
I've actually started hearing about this being a problem. I think if enough people complain and KEEP COMPLAINING then Google might look into the issue more closely.
I guess if people start making noise then they might pay attention. But the problem is, how do they qualify a click as an illegal? Unless you are doing it from your IP address, that will be what "gives you away" but other than that, how can they determine that clicks to your ads are illegal??? Because one day things go up? Maybe they have the right ad at the right moment! I have no idea how they do that. Anyone with an explanation?
i don't get how can I have 400 plus clicks and only get 4 cents. I at least want that extra penny.
aquariancore Wrote:i don't get how can I have 400 plus clicks and only get 4 cents. I at least want that extra penny.

What??? 400 plus clicks and only 4 cents??? I don't understand!
I started with Adsense in my blog about a month ago. I've only had 27 clicks so far, but at least I have $2.77! It is very low, but I think its ok for the little traffic I have. I haven't reached 2000 visitors yet! LOL!
Well I challenged them but no replay came from.

Quote:i don't get how can I have 400 plus clicks and only get 4 cents. I at least want that extra penny

Well this should be a illegal activity by someone on your site. Please report it to Google team.
I've been hearing a lot of complaints lately from other Google Adsense users, which is really disappointing. I've always loved Google, and I'm really beginning to worry that they're not the company I believed they were.
Well I still love Google but they banned my account near at my payout. That make me unhappy for their services.

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