Google Analytics
I have just started using it and it is great. There are parts I don't understand but it blows away anything I have used before.
yeh i agree!

the only things i would really like to see is more conversion data, and perhaps a heat map showing link popularity. Both of those would be pretty easy to pull off (relative to their means)... i'm sure it would be much better with them!

They do ask to submit suggestions. You should do that.
Well Google Analytics is best tool after Google webmaster tool. You can check traffic data and location from this tool.
I am satisfied but I would like to see it expand to forum reporting and such. I know that's a way's down the road.
Yeah they should expand their service. I think this is best free tool for us because we don't need to pay money for this service.
Google Analytics has replaced the stats I used to get on my own through my web host.
Yes i use google analytics more often.
Once you get started with Google Analytics, the features are practically limitless - A/B testing (showing different content to different visitors and comparing results), goal setting and intelligence reports and just some of powerful tools that give you an comprehensive insight into your web performance.
Hello friends...!
According to my opinion,Google Analytics is the preferred tool in which you can verify each and every thing regarding your website which even includes the source of traffic....!

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