Google Banning
Google are very strict when it comes down to what get's listed on their search engine and they also look closely at how you work on SEO and in most cases Google can and will penalise you for the littlest of things.

Have you ever been banned or penalised by Google? 

I have as of yet never been penalised by Google so I am guessing the way I work on SEO and my marketing works and is up to their standards.

If you were penalised what were you penalised for?
I have never been penalised by Google myself so as far as I know I have never done anything wrong for them to want to penalise me. I have heard in the past of people getting banned for the most craziest of reasons which makes me be more cautious of how I work on things.
Google is providing two types of algorithm such as
Panda- used to check for duplicate content
Penguin- used to check for duplicate back link
I have never penalised by Google.

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