Google Ranking Explained
WOW....great resource Zach. Is there a place where we can get a good print version of the article. I would like to print it for my resource binder. Thanks!!
Keep your eyes open because Google will be announcing a change in SEO that will affect pr.
Oh! so Google will announcing new change in SEO. We have to take care about new announcement.
aquariancore Wrote:Keep your eyes open because Google will be announcing a change in SEO that will affect pr.
Gosh, that's going to be a pain having to re-SEO all our sites to suit Google's new SEO requirements. Anyone got any articles or insider information on these changes so we can prepare?
Well that stinks. I was just starting to master some of the advanced SEO methods, and now they're going to change everything? Never can catch a break, can we?
But there are a few easier ways to get a PR.
And anyway PR has become something old as google has said so.
I think they're going to change things.

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