Google Sandbox
What do you know about Google sandbox guys? and how can we avoid this?
google sandbox can make our site deindex from search engine
there was a thread here about a week ago, where an experienced BHer described why sandboxing and duplicate content penalty is a myth.
Sandbox is not a myth. If you go overboard on seo with a new site, it will end up penalized. I have seen this happen. As far as duplicate content is concerned, if you are using the same content on more than 1 of your own websites, both sites will have that content thrown out of the index. If someone else is stealing it, google should pick the original source to show in the serps. If someone else's site is outranking yours for the content, then you need to ask that person to take it down. If they don't, you can complain to google. If the duplicate content is on your own site, it won't cause a penalty, but google will have to choose which page to show. You should use rel canonical on all duplicate pages.
Google Sandbox is a term given to an observation of the ways by which Google ranks new web pages in its index.
The Google Sandbox theory is that Google puts new websites into a “Sandbox” before they can rank well.It acts as a temporary filter for new websites before they can go live .It is new site filter was to stop spam related sites from adding numerous purchased links–and ranking highly for their keywords from the date of launch.

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