Guides on keeping the previous traffic from newly bought domain?
Hi fellow domainers, I am thinking that shall we have some inputs on tips and guides from you guys and gals in the areas of :-
[INDENT]Keeping the previos traffic enjoyed by a domain that we have just bought over and added into our own portfolio?
Most of the time, after we have bought over the domain, it is likely for us to temporarily parked it for few days before we develop it...or do you develop it instantly as soon the transfer is completed??Rolleyes

Well, this could serves as helpful guides for our members here...including myself.:p
Hi llegent

It depends on the nature of the traffic. If its typo traffic, then you shouldnt have to develop it to maintain its traffic. If the traffic is coming for an expired site, the visitors will most probably realise that the site is no longer there and stop visiting it over time (as bookmarks are updated and search engine results drop). In this case, it is better to develop the domain and give the visitors what they are looking for, if you expect to maintain the traffic.

Have a look at to see if your domain used to have a site on it, and decide what to do from there.
the idea just came to me.
why not go to Wayback Machine and repost the content?
you could have the site up and running with the previous content.
I dont know why you guys thinking so many thinks.
Isnt it great to redirect the old domain to new domain?
sorry if i didnt understand you guys.
Can you redirect domain traffic?
I purchased a site with expired content. We had a framework up immediately but it had already dropped from people's bookmarks and the site engines.

If you have current traffic on a site, consider leaving it "as is" while you work on the redesign in the background before a full launch.
Nod, if the domain came with a site in place, consider leaving it up while you work behind it and slowly transition. If the site is taken down after sale, redirect while you are working on it to a different site that you own while working in the background. I would suggest getting things up and running as efficiently as possible while in temporary mode and building behind all of that for a slow transfer to your stuff.
kokotai Wrote:Can you redirect domain traffic?

Certainly can redirect it.

One thing that will not keep is PR rankings, at least in most cases.

You can buy an old domain with traffic, though, and redirect it. Whether the search engines will keep it up on your site or not only time will tell.
You might want to consider leaving the Who is info in place if it is okay with the seller. From what I understand google notices any indication of a transfer and treats the newly aquired domain like a brand new domain.
It is important, IMO, to have *something* there to keep peoples' attention. We saw a billboard in our area with a web address on it (nothing else, just the URL) and over several weeks, we kept checking and each time it was *available*... so finally we purchased it. However, we were unable to get the content up to snuff quickly enough and so it ended up not being so great after all, and after the year was up, we let the name go.

Of course, if I'd found this forum before that, I likely would have continued to develop it and eventually tried to sell it, instead of just letting it go.

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