Highest page rank you have reached?
I believe the highest page rank I have reached on any website I have owned is 2 which I was really pleased with. It took a while and a lot of work on back links and bringing in good quality but knowing I got there was an amazing feeling.

What is the highest page rank you have reached?
On a site I had a few years ago now I reached a page rank of 3 which I was very very happy with. I manually built up my backlinks and I added fresh new content daily and when I realised that I reached that page rank I was shocked but happy. With the site I have now though I can not seem to get past a page rank 1 which is very frustrating as I don't seem to be doing anything different.
While considering about page rank, my website got page rank 4. and the highest page rank that i have visit WordPress and Flickr which are having page rank 9. But nowadays Google doesn't consider page rank.

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