How can I get organic traffic to a domain?
Link build through Off page SEO techniques so that your websites cane be increased in SERPs and number of visitors may visit your websites. This is the best way to increase organic traffic to your website.
try to create more unique back links and write content with minimum 600 words by giving 2% link and post in different web 2.0 sites and also do more social media sharing. And try to crawl all website which will gives first impression towards ranking in google and also increase the website traffic.
Good question. traffic is main important to achieve your goals. if you domain achieve more traffic means number visitors are visiting your domain is more. if you want to improve your traffic for your domain you want to do more social media promotions. including that you need to maintain good website.
Try some do-follow sites with high page rank. Participate in forums. Also write unique content to post blogs. This will really help you to get the traffic for your website.

Use do-follow sites. Also participate in forums. Write unique content for blog posting. This will really help you to get traffic to your website.
Do-follow backlinks can help you. Do offpage SEO to increase the traffic.
If we can create good back links to your website, the page rank will increase. So do more activities to your website it will help to your web page in search engines.
Getting the organic traffic is a bit difficult task. By following the correct seo techniques and your effort will help to bring organic traffic for your website.
By creating Quality back links instead of quantity of back links you can make best result for your website.
Effective ways to get organic traffic to a domain:
Identify website’s good and bad links
Remove and disavow bad backlinks
Good contributor on reputable sites
Create a keyword database
Optimize your content and meta data
Quality and relevant content
Good internal linking
Monitor SEO progress
To generate organic traffic to your website, your website should be listed in the top of the search results. For that you should create quality back-links and remove the bad back-links. And by using all the seo techniques you can make your website listed in the top of the search results.
Content marketing is best way to get the organic traffic for the website. Best way to get the organic traffic is
1. Blogs
2. Making your website listed in the top of the search results.
3. Social Media promotions

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