what is the difference between Organic and paid results?
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what is the difference between Organic and paid results? tell me plz..
Organic results are the web page listing which is more closely matching to the user search query based on relevance.It is the method of entering one or plurality of search items in the single data string into search engine. Paid search results are the advertisements. For this, business pays to make their ads viewed when user do search containing specific keywords.
Organic search is based on unpaid, natural rankings determined by search engine algorithms, and can be optimized with various SEO practices. In contrast, paid search allows you to pay to have your website displayed on the search engine results page when someone types in specific keywords or phrases.
Organic result means SEO results, generally after paid results organic results are shown. For organic results we do not need to pay to Google, but for getting the ad results we need to pay Google. By for giving ranking Google all time consider these two matter separately.
Search engine optimizing a website to receive higher organic search engine results produces a better return on investment than paid search engine advertising
- Effective search engine optimization leads to higher organic search engine results
- Paid advertising can deliver immediate traffic but is costly and traffic to your website will cease once your budget runs out
- Over time, organic search result traffic to your website will continually increase if you continually conduct effective search engine optimization on your site.
Organic results are webpages that closely matches the user's search query. They are also called "free" or "natural" results.
Paid results are advertisements where the website owners will pay to display their page with certain keywords so that their website comes up when a user searches with that specific keyword.

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